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Real Time Alerts = Happy Members/Customers

Eeminder Real Time eAlerts continuously monitors the core banking system for new transactions that match a member/customer's preferences and sends a text message and/or email message in real time.

Over 30 different types of transaction and balance alerts are available for users to select.

Account numbers are masked so no sensitive information is sent in sms text or email messages.

eAlerts can be configured by the user in the online banking system and can be different for each account.

Text messages are only delivered during the hours that the user sets in his/her preferences so there is no risk of getting an sms in the middle of the night.

Available balance is used for balance-related eAlerts.

Any other data element in OSI or an auxiliary system can be configured as an eAlert.

Most popular eAlerts are Balance Below Threshhold and Any Transaction.

Eeminder is ready to save you money and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

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