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Eeminder = Higher productivity and Service to your clients

Provide a higher level of service to your clients with Eeminder. Have ubiquitous access to all the information you need to do your job from any handheld device. Close more deals and further differentiate yourself from your competitors because you have instant access to the latest information. With Eeminder's patented embedded smart links, messaging becomes a real-time interactive environment.

Real estate

Look up properties when you drive by them from your Blackberry(tm), Treo(tm), Windows Mobile Phone, or regular cellphone. Drill down to detailed information about comps in the area and tax information.

Eliminate losing a deal with Eeminder. You will never have to utter the feared words "I know there is a reason why that property is not right for you but I don't remember it right now." or "I will get back to you very shortly with that information, sir/ma'am." when you encounter a surprise listing on a tour.

Other brokers will never have the opportunity to get between you and your client. And there will never be a client end-run.

Be the first to be notified when a new property that matches your client's needs hits the market so you can alert him/her before other brokers know the listing exists.


Get access to your patient's vital signs and lab results from any handheld device with Eeminder.

Never stop your rounding to get information about another patient when the resident or nurse calls you.

Have all the latest information about a patient on your cellphone when you return a page while you are at the movies.

Order new tests or treatment from your handheld while you are in or out of the hospital.


Get information about any unit, resource, or container no matter where you are....all with two squeezes of the wheel on your Blackberry, two taps on the keyboard on your Treo, or three keys on your cellphone.

Once you get the top level data about a resource, use the embedded smart links to drill down to more detailed information or to modify or schedule the resource.

Eliminate the need to have a laptop computer while you are out in the field with Eeminder., Sugar CRM, Netsuite, Free CRM Users

Get access to your contacts and dashboard of hot opportunities and tasks from your handheld.

Wildcard searching allows you to get high level contact data and then drill down to details and history and then log a new event, schedule a meeting, or assign a task related to the contact to a team member.

Eeminder's patented embedded smart links take the guess work out of having to use separate commands for looking up and logging events, or having to type exact first and last name in order to find the contact.

The one-handed operation of the Blackberry coupled with Eeminder technology gives you all your contact information with two squeezes of the wheel....even when you are carrying a bag in your other hand in the airport.

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