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Eeminder: Turn messaging into an interactive Data environment

Connect to any datasource or database using Eeminder's middleware engine and configurator. No programming is required. Eeminder configurator's web-based wizard walks you through the process to identify what data you want and then builds the patented smart embedded link structure automatically. The result is that you can access wildcard lookups and drill-down to any level of data from any handheld device.

Eeminder works securely behind the firewall in a local or hosted (ASP) configuration

Since Eeminder works entirely through the native messaging clients (email or SMS text messaging) on your handheld device, it is device - independent and requires no installation of software to set up.

Security is commensurate with the security of the messaging channel. For email, that means you can take advantage of encryption and all of the password protection on your handheld device. Many smartphones have features that will delete all data after a certain number of failed login attempts or remotely if the device is lost.

SMS text messaging is as secure as your cellphone and it is instantaneously pushed to your cell phone. One would have to clone your phone in order to gain access to information.