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Mobile Deposit From Any Cell Phone Now Available
~ Allows Credit Union to be More Accessible to its Members ~

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif., Sept. 1, 2009/PRWeb/ -- Mobile Deposit, which allows anyone with a cell phone to deposit a check anywhere any time, is now available.

eEminder has developed a system using its patented multi-factor authentication and interactive session technology to allow anyone with a 2.0 megapixel cell phone camera and MMS and SMS access (vitually every cell phone in existence at this time) to deposit a check. First the person uses the camera on the phone to take images of the front and back of the check and sends those to the specially designated address/number for their financial institution. eEminder’s server based software takes over, recognizing the intent to deposit a check and sending back appropriate SMS messages to authenticate the person, record the deposit amount, account to deposit into, and confirm the transaction. eEminder analyzes the check images to ensure that they meet the requirements of Check 21 and X9.37 for compliance, reads MICR data, and inserts the deposit into the financial institution’s existing workflow and core banking system.

“My clients are ecstatic about the ability to make themselves so much more accessible to their members,” said Griff Griffith, president of Solution Oriented Systems, a technology consulting firm to banks and crediit unions. “Mobile deposit is such a huge time saver for the member and also for the credit union who does not have to manually image the check.”

“For any financial institution looking to expand membership beyond the locality of their branches, this is a no brainer,” said Tom Utsch, CEO of Eeminder. “Check deposit has always been the one downside to non-local credit union access. Our new product allows a credit union to offer a great new service and to save a large amount of money in the process.”

Interfaces to Open Solutions and Summit core systems are available now, but eEminder Mobile Deposit™ could easily be integrated into any core system.

A short video on the process is available at

About Eeminder

Eeminder Inc. provides mobile banking software to banks and credit unions which allows these institutions to offer full banking services, including mobile deposit, balances, activity, real time transfers, and electronic notices which replace paper notices and save $1 per notice not sent. eEminder’s products use only generic sms text messaging for maximum member adoption. It has a patented process which turns ordinary sms text messaging into a multifactor compliant interactive session. For more information visit Eeminder is based in Hermosa Beach, California.
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