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Eeminder Goes Live

     HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (August 6, 2005) – Eeminder
today announced the release of Eeminder(TM), the first
task management system designed specifically for the
mobile PDA phone user (e.g. Blackberry, Treo, Good
Technology, Pocket PC). Eeminder allows the mobile
professional to be as productive outside the office
with only a PDA/phone as he/she is in the office with
a desktop workstation.

     Eeminder is a net-based task management and contact
management system. It is optimized for people who are
heavy Blackberry by Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM),
Treo (NASDAQ: PALM), and PocketPC Phones (NASDAQ: MSFT)
and their associated staffs and departments. Eeminder
saves time and increases one’s ability to stay
in contact with sales prospects, clients, partners,
and colleagues by leveraging the power of asynchronous
communication. Eeminder incorporates all of the features
of a contact and relationship manager with a task management
system so that one person can task another person to
do something related to a particular contact, view
on-going status of the task, and build activity history
related to the task and the contact.

     Eeminder works by using the standard email client on
a handheld PDA/phone as the primary mobile user interface.
By analyzing inbound email messages with its aritificial
intelligence engine, Eeminder makes database entries,
updates and creates new tasks, and generates new notification
and confirmation email messages to the appropriate
parties. All out-going task-related emails include contact information
and history automatically. Using the easy-to-use interface
of a Blackberry, a user can scroll to the contact phone
number and click “call.” The real-time
push and email client-based user interface eliminate
the need to ever have to install, maintain, or log
in to a third party application on the Blackberry or
to a website. Eeminder ( is based
in Hermosa Beach, California.

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