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Task Management PDA

With the advent of mobile PDA phones such as the Blackberry, Treo, Good Technologies, and Pocket PC, it is more common than ever for a team to be distributed among several locations and ever-mobile. As a result, many organizations have contemplated the implementation of task management solutions in their workplace. These olutions, or groupware, allow many people who are not co-located to work together effectively as one unit on sales and marketing efforts , billable projects, litigation, audit engagements, and consulting engagements.

WHAT are my task management PDA options if i am primarly a mobile worker?

Task mangement products, like most products, are easiest to find after a little comparison. Some of the most popular group collaboration software options are the following: Netsuite, 37 Signals , and Salesforce.com. These time mangement options are useful and are implemented within many businesses. However, these products do require a laptop or desktop computer in order for one to effectively create and manage tasks. Sure, you can use the built-in browser on your PDA to access some information in your groupware solution, but even with the highest data rate connection, browsing a complex web application from a PDA is frustrating at best. Or you could have purchased a third party product, which when installed on your PDA allows you some visibility to your groupware solution. But besides the cost to implement and install that product on your PDA and corporate server, PDA's are not truly multi-threaded and can be very frustrating to use.

With Eeminder you can enjoy the benefits of a task management system and still have easy to use and total control from your PDA e.g. Blackberry, Treo, Good Technologies device, or Pocket PC.

Eeminder, however, is the first task management system to be designed for the mobile worker with a PDA phone (e.g. Blackberry, Treo, Good Technologies, Pocket PC) first. . By being designed for the needs of the user at the end of the connectivity and device "food chain," an Eeminder user can easily and effectively manage and create tasks anywhere without need of a laptop computer.

The eeminder Advantages

Imagine for a moment, that you are working on a consulting engagement at a client site 3,000 miles away from your office and are in transit via air travel twice each week to commute between your home and family and the engagement site. With Eeminder, all of your transit time goes from being email access only time to being fully functional manager time. Without having to send repeated email messages, search through the messages on your PDA, or call your team members (interrupting whatever billable activity they were working on), you can keep up to date on where everything stands and assign new tasks to your team.

The Who, When, Where and How of eeminder

Eeminder technology includes an intelligent email processing engine and a web application. Any email that you send which appears to be task-related and which meets the Eeminder criteria (for example it must be a message to another user on your team) is automatically tracked from that point forward by Eeminder. You will have real-time visibility into the status of the task, any messaging threads that go back and forth about the task, and all contact information and activity history for your team with the contact related to the task, if applicable.

At any moment from your Blackberry, Treo, or other PDA phone, you can get status on where all tasks for yourself and your whole team stand without having to browse to a website from the Blackberry or go to some third party application that you installed on the device.

eeminder - A 30 Day Trial

For those who are interested, please consider a 30-day trial.

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